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Typematters was incorporated in 2002, however some of our clients go back to the 1970’s to the company TypeSet Service. In 1982, TypeSet Service became TypeConcepts. Susan was hired in 1983, and in 1988 TypeConcepts became TypeSolutions.

TypeSolutions grew into a successful business with an impressive client list. In 2002 the owners decided to retire. Susan purchased the business in June and continued the “Type” tradition as Typematters.

By continuing to provide the quality, dependability, and prompt attention that clients had come to expect, Typematters is still serving some of those original businesses. Satisfied customers tell their friends and also take us along on their professional journey. With clients in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, and even Israel, Typematters truly has been blessed with some of the BEST CLIENTS in the world.

Susan enjoys camping, hiking, gardening and believe it or not... cutting the grass! Her husband is her biggest supporter and camping partner.

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